Credentials – Membership

  • NAWGJ: Yearly Renewal.
  • USA Gymnastics:
    • New Members: If you are not already a member of USAG, this link will take you to the “joining” pages of USA Gym
    • Renewal: If you are already a member of USA Gym, this link will take you to the home page of USA Gym so that you can login and access your “My Profile”
      • Professional:  Yearly renewal.
        You must be 18 years old to join USA Gymnastics Professionally. A Background Check and Safety Certification are required. 
      • Junior Professional:  Yearly renewal.
        If you are 16 or 17 you will hold this type membership. You will be exempt from a background check until you reach 18 years old. At that time you will be eligible to join professionally and at that point will need a background check.  Safety Certification is required for this membership.
    • Background Check:  2-year renewal.
      Must login to your USA Gym Membership Page to begin the background check.  To be on the competition floor as a Pro Member, a background check is required.
    • Safety Certification: 4 years renewal.
      To be on the competition floor,  Safety Certification is required.